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The kilos that were so quick and easy to put on are very difficult to get rid of. If we were to believe the advertisements, there are lots of miracle cures and magic diets to lose those extra pounds.

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Seite 1/1 3 Minuten

Although most do work very quickly, only weight that is gradually lost stays lost. We may live in a modern society, with an unprecedented availability of food, medication and advice, but what we have to remember is that our digestive system is still that of our Stone Age ancestors. This means a lot more movement and a lot less refined food.

Female pharmacy customer: Hello!
PTA: Hello! How may I help you?

I’m afraid that I over-indulged during the Christmas holidays and now I’m feeling the pinch, so to speak!
Really? To be honest, I don’t really think that you look overweight.

Oh, thank you! That’s very flattering, but what I meant was that I’ve noticed that my clothes, especially my jeans and trousers, all feel a bit too tight.
Have you got a few minutes?

Yes, why?
If you come with me, we have an office where we can talk to our customers in peace and quiet, especially when we need to give them advice or fit them for support tights that type of thing.

Sure, no problem.
So, let’s see. How tall are you?

I’m five foot nine, that’s about one metre seventy-five.
Do you mind telling me your current weight?

I’m 75 kilos and I haven’t had that weight since I was pregnant with my son!
The square of your height is 1.75 times 1.75 which is 3.0625 and your weight is 77 kilos. If we divide 77 by 3.0625 the result is 25. Could you please tell me how old you are?

No problem, I’m 35.
According to this table, you are still within the so-called optimum zone.

That’s what it said when I checked it myself on the internet but I couldn’t believe it.
Yes, it all has to do with your body perception.

I suppose you’re right, but my body perception tells me at the moment: “You are too heavy. You need to lose some weight”.
Have you tried any diets?

No, a very good friend of mine recommended that I go to the pharmacy for advice and maybe some diet foods.
Although we do have a whole range of diet products, I can recommend that you try it the natural way first.

The natural way!
Yes, it’s ideal for people that are not truly overweight and only want to lose a few kilos. It means that keeping to a well-balanced diet and doing some type of sporting activity will help to melt those extra pounds away.

What type of nutrition do you recommend?
Fruit and vegetables have a very high nutritional density and most of them are low in calories, depending on how you prepare them.

Okay, but I’m not very fit!
No problem! If you start off by taking thirty minute walks, and thengraduallymove up to short jogging you’ll find it easier.


miracle cures Wundermittel
unprecedented noch nie dagewesen
availability Verfügbarkeit
advice Rat
digestive system Verdauungssystem
Stone Age Steinzeit bzw. steinzeitlich
Ancestors Urahnen
Refined raffiniert
over-indulged Völlerei betrieben
pinch zwicken
flattering schmeichelnd
tight eng
peace and quiet Ruhe und Frieden
support tights Stützstrumpfhose
five foot nine fünf Fuß neun Zoll
pregnant schwanger
square Quadrat
1.75 1,75 (wird “one point seven five” ausgesprochen)
Times mal
according to gemäß
body perception Körperwahrnehmung
well-balanced ausgewogen
melt schmelzen
nutritional density Nährstoffdichte
gradually nach und nach

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Catherine Croghan, Lecturer in English and native speaker