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Irrespective of where you holiday, it is always a good idea to take a few essentials with you. Items such as: antiseptic and/or disinfectant, plasters in various sizes, plasters for blisters, insect bite treatment, and insect repellent.

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Where I come from they say: “It’s better to have it, than to have to look for it”. In short, it’s better to take certain items with you on holiday. A travel first aid kit should also includes sunscreen with an appropriate SPF and after sun lotion. Fair-haired, light-skinned people should be especially careful and should not only use sunscreen, but also think about covering up on very sunny days, or in sunny regions. Depending on where the holiday region is, it might also be an idea to check your vaccination status, as the incidence of early summer meningoencephalitis is on the increase in Germany. Advice is best at the pharmacy! Female pharmacy customer: Good morning, do you speak English?

PTA: Hello, yes I do. How may I help you?
My boyfriend and I are going on a walking holiday in Bavaria in a few weeks and we need to stock up on first aid items to take with us.

What kind of items were you thinking about in particular?
I’ve made a list, let’s see, I need plasters. Do you have sensitive plasters? You see I’m allergic to normal plasters.

We have sensitive plasters in various sizes. Would you like to take the ones that you cut to size, or would you rather the pack with a variety of shapes and sizes?
I’ll take the mixed pack, please. Do you have disinfectant? You know, the one that you can spray on?

Yes, we do. Would you like a small spray bottle, or a large one?
I’ll take the small one, we’ll be taking our backpacks with us when we hike up those mountains! The less weight, the better!

You said you are going hiking in Bavaria. Have you thought about vaccination?
Vaccination? Well, it’s not the tropics, is it! What kind of vaccination?

The statistics for early summer meningoencephalitis were released about five or six weeks ago. Apparently, there has been a dramatic increase in the tick population, not only in Bavaria, but also even in northern Germany, and that’s unusual! You might ask your doctor about getting vaccinated.
I’ll do that. Yuck! Ticks! I freak out when I see them.

It is very sensible, especially if you are going through the forest or high grass. Where they tend to hang about.
Do you have insect repellent?

Yes, would you like the one for sensitive skin? It’s is effective for up to 6 hours against midge bites, and for 4 hours against ticks.
Oh good! I’ll take that as well. What about treatment for insect bites?

Yes, we have this cooling gel in a tube or in a roller. It’s great for insect bites and sunburn.
I’ll take the roller, please.

Will that be all?
Oh, I almost forgot: do you have those plasters for blisters?

Yes, we do. Would you like these in the sensitive pack or the classic ones?
I’ll take both, please.

Good, so here are your purchases.
Thank you very much. You have been very helpful.

Here you are.
Thanks again. Goodbye!


You can find this article at PTA IN DER APOTHEKE 05/19 on page 74.

Catherine Croghan, Lecturer in English and native speaker

insect repellentInsektenschutzmittel
vaccination statusImpfstatus
increase(hier) Vermehrung
midge bitesMückenstiche