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Advances in health care and medication have produced a whole generation of seniors that are healthier and live longer. The downside of longevity is: the older the person the more likely they are to suffer several diseases.

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Sport is ideal for preventing a whole list of conditions. Not every type of sport is suitable. Contact sports or sports that involve a lot of repetitive movement are less suitable than sports that exercise specific muscle groups. Bodybuilding is an example of one of the ideal sports for people over 60. Badminton, on the other hand, which involves repetitive moves in the same direction, in not so ideal. Muscles and joints that might no longer be up to the stresses and tension of such sports are more likely to be injured. Male Pharmacy customer: Good morning.

PTA: Good morning Mr. Jones. What happened to you? You are limping!
It’s so embarrassing! I was at football training yesterday in the “Alt Herren” group. I was fine when I went home, but this morning when I tried to get out of bed my left calf muscle just seized up on me!

Is it swollen or tender to touch?
Yes. It’s quite warm and swollen. What do you recommend?

Did you try cooling it?

Well the first rule for any type of injury, especially to the leg, is RICE.
What? Rice! Do I need to eat rice or put it on the affected area?

No! RICE is a mnemonic for: rest, ice, compression and elevation!
Oh! I see! I haven’t had a sports injury for years, so that’s a new one on me!

I can recommend the following: this is a cooling arnica gel which you can also use for bruises, and this diclofenac gel which will also help with the swelling and the pain.
Good. Thank you. Is there anything else?

Yes. Do you have any of those gel cushions at home? You know the ones that you can put on an insect sting
No. I don’t have any problems there! Do you have them here

Yes, especially now in the spring when midges and co. are starting to get active again. We have them in the deep freeze. I’ll just go and get one for you.
Oh, that’s good. Great service!

So, here you are. Please make sure that you keep it in this sleeve, which prevents the gel cushion coming directly into contact with the skin. We don’t want you to get cold burns from it.
How long should I leave it on?

As long as you can stand it, and as soon as the cushion starts to reach room temperature again. Mr. Jones, have you considered doing another type of sport?
I know I’m getting on, but I love football! What can I do?

My dad plays golf! And he’s in his late sixties. One of his friends likes to go Nordic walking and rambling. And my mum’s best friend, who is seventy, goes to the fitness centre regularly and she looks like a fifty-year-old! She has amazing stamina and muscle tone. Swimming is also great! There are aqua-gymnastics courses at the local indoor swimming pool.
I’ll think about it. Bye, bye! 

You can find this article at PTA IN DER APOTHEKE 04/18 on page 117.

Catherine Croghan, Lecturer in English and native speaker

longevitylanges Leben
tensionSpannung, Verspannung
seized up(hier) verkrampft
RICEenglisches Äquivalent von P.E.C.H.
affected areabetroffener Bereich
mnemonicEselsbrücke, Merkhilfe
gel cushionGelkissen bzw. Kühlpackung
cold burnsErfrierungen
consideredin Betracht gezogen